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Radiology Interest Group

Diagnostic Radiology Student Interest Group
Mission Statement
Many medical students do not learn about radiology as a potential career specialty until later in their education. Our goal is to expose medical students to mentors and resources in diagnostic radiology early in their medical careers.
Current Board Members
Zhihua Li
Class of 2022
Vice President
Lily Pierce
Class of 2021
Scott Johnson
Class of 2023
Vikram Tammana
Class of 2023
Faculty Mentor
Dr. Karen Xie is the current program director of the University of Illinois Diagnostic Radiology residency and is very involved in medical student exposure to the specialty. She is instrumental in connecting interested medical students to residents and other mentors in radiology.

Dr. Xie works closely with the current board members and diversity chair of the interest group to provide events for medical students throughout the academic year. She also collaborates with interested students on many radiology and educational research projects.

UIC Diversity in Radiology Comittee
Student Committee Head
Edleda James
Class of 2022
Radiology Resident
Ben Amagwula
R 1 Resident
Co- Chairs
Liana Posch
R 3 resident
Comittee Members
Josi Herren
R 3 resident
Comittee Members
Tom Lienhoop
R 2 resident
  • Diversity in Radiology Panel
  • Local Outreach Opportunities
  • (Virtual) Radiology Open House
  • Diagnostic Radiology Shadowing Experience
  • M1/M2 Research and Educational Project Opportunities
  • Developing Medical Student and Resident Mentorship System