The latest advance in clinical imaging at the University of Illinois Medical Center

We, at the UIMC at Chicago, Illinois are pleased to announce availability of the community's first and our second 3 Tesla MRI for clinical use. With the exquisite resolution, exceptional image quality and faster scan time, we are improving patient MRI experience.

To schedule and appoinment call 312-413-4900 or 1-877-456-UIMC (8462)


Exceptional image quality
The ultra-high-field strength of the 3T MR system produces some of the highest resolution images in the industry. This allows our radiologists to identify potential problems thus provide the referring physician with more information for a more accurate diagnosis.

Faster scan times
The 3T MR system offers one of the fastest scan times of any scanner on the market, through the unique patented SENSE technology, improved resolution achieved without additional scanning time.




Patient applications

With the 3T MR system, diagnostic imaging capabilties are improved including imaging as follows:


* Musculoskeletal imaging

* Neurological imaging

* Functional Neuro Imaging

* Functional Abdominal Imaging

* Vascular system imaging

* Cardiac MR

* Whole body imaging

* Spectroscopy of the brain and internal organs

Body Vascular
3T System


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