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It is with mixed emotions that I’m writing to inform you that Dr. Bill Schey has chosen to retire at this time.

Dr. Schey attended Northwestern University for both undergraduate and medical schools. Following an internship at Cook County, he pursued BOTH a pediatrics residency followed immediately by a radiology residency at Michael Reese Hospital. Although Dr. Schey spent his entire career as a radiologist, he also passed his boards in pediatrics (as well as nuclear medicine, and a CAQ in pediatric radiology!).

Dr. Schey has spent his entire career in Chicago, and has had appointments four academic centers. He had an appointment for three years at Northwestern, for two years at Rush, was at the University of Chicago for a total of seven years (in two different stints), and then an academic appointment at our institution for the last 31 years! It is not unrealistic at all to say that Dr. Schey has trained perhaps more residents in pediatric radiology than most, if not all, pediatric radiologists in the city. Dr. Schey worked at Mercy Hospital, for part of the time affiliated with Michael Reese Hospital and the rest of the time at the University of Illinois, for a total of 22 years.

Dr. Schey’s dedication to pediatric radiology did not go unnoticed. He achieved full Professor status at both the University of Chicago and at our own institution. He was active in the radiology political landscape, working his way up to the position of President of the Chicago Radiological Society. He also was named a Fellow in the American College of Radiology (an honor bestowed on <10% of the ACR membership). As you would probably guess, Dr. Schey has been very active in the humanistic side of medicine as well. In addition to multiple other committees, he served on both the Impaired Physician Committee and the Ethics Committee at Michael Reese Hospital. In conversations with Bill, it becomes readily apparent that he cares deeply for his patients, and has been an advocate for children across the city his entire career. Dr. Schey is also accomplished as an academician, with dozens of publications and abstracts. He also has been a highly sought speaker, with over 60 lectures to the local community and beyond on all things dealing with pediatric imaging. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Schey has brought a sense of professionalism to his position while at the University of Illinois, and what most strikes one when working with him is his complete dedication to his patients and his profession. Not to be too maudlin, but I personally have learned many lessons from Bill, and use what I have learned from him frequently. Please join me in thanking Dr. Schey for his years of service to our institution and the city of Chicago, and in wishing him well for his future endeavors.

Best regards,


Charles E. Ray, Jr., MD, PhD

Department Head and Professor of Radiology

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Phone 312-996-6776